Carlow PPN will bring community groups in each of the 3 Municipal Districts in County Carlow together to develop our vision for Community Wellbeing for This and Future Generations in Co. Carlow

The 1st of these meetings was held in the Municipal District of Carlow, Carlow Town Hall on June 24th, 2019. These facilitated workshops consider aspects to make our community the best place it can be now and into the future. This was a very successful event and the PPN team will be arranging meetings each of the other 2 Municipal Districts in September and October 2019.

Carlow PPN is working with its members to produce a shared vision for the future wellbeing of the Municipal District of Carlow area for this and future generations. This vision will be used to inform the work of the PPN and its representatives.

Community wellbeing combines a number of issues such as health, social and community development, the environment and public participation. All the different aspects of community wellbeing are captured in the diagram available at the link below.

We want to hear your organisation’s or group’s ambitions and aspirations for our community around these issues. The inputs made in the Municipal District of Carlow by representatives of PPN member groups are presented below for your information.


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There is now a 3-week opportunity for groups that were not able to attend the workshops, or who were present but have additional inputs they want to make, to contribute their views. Simply click on the button below to start…

Online Survey

Closing date for submissions is Wednesday, 24th July 2019.