Benefits of Membership

• The opportunity to work with the PPN’s elected representatives who are responsible for pursuing issues through local social structures
• The opportunity to influence and change local government policy. Keep informed of local government plans and decisions for your area
• Keep in touch with other community & voluntary groups in the county with a similar focus
• Receive regular mailings and updates from PPN members including representative reports
• Receive information on upcoming funding opportunities
• The opportunity to attend information sessions/seminars on topics of interest to member groups
• Receive support with the development of policies and Constitutions for your groups
• The opportunity to avail of a discounted insurance premium

Who Can Join?

To qualify for membership of Carlow PPN your group/organisation must:-

• Be active in Carlow Town/County
• Have more than 5 members
• Be non-party political and non-sectarian
• Be in existence for a minimum of 6 months
• If a company limited by guarantee, must be not for profit

Membership Registration Form

Please Note: Our main method of communication is via email. If you do not have an email address you may nominate someone with an email address to receive information on your behalf.

Details about type of membership (Please choose one)

1. General Community and Voluntary i.e. local development, sports, social groups etc.
2. Social Inclusion i.e. focused on people experiencing disadvantage and inequality.
3. Environmental i.e. focused on protecting the environment and sustainable development.

Municipal District (Where your organisation/group are situated)

Please indicate:

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List of Registered Members

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